young rock 2021

Young Rock

2021 | series

DoP Martin McGrath | Katie Milwright| Judd Overton | John Stokes

Director Jeffrey Walker | Daina Reid | Nahnatchka Khan | Cherie Nowlan | Christine Gernon | Angela C. Tortu | Chris Koch | Jeff Chiang | David Katzenberg | Laura McCreary | Erica Oyama | Numa Perrier | Keith Powell

Leitz lens THALIA

Production Companies Universal Television | Seven Bucks Productions | Fierce Baby Productions I Grit & Superstition I Universal Television I Goodwin Talent Agency

Distribution National Broadcasting Company (NBC) I Sky Comedy

Awards 2 wins & 14 nominations

Equipment Supplier Keslow Camera | Atlanta

Country USA

Lens used



Crafted to shape great stories. One set of simply exceptional lenses for unlimited scope.

Thalia 35mm horizntal right

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