About us

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH is a leading manufacturer of premium cine lenses for television and motion picture production. Formed as a sister company to Leica Camera AG in 2007 in Wetzlar, Germany, the company has used the Leica tradition as the basis for 8 lines of prime and zoom lenses produced under the brand name “Leitz” and spanning nearly all modern cinema formats. 


Leitz lenses feature innovative optical and mechanical designs that have pushed the world of cinema optics forward. In 2015 the Leitz Summilux-C lenses, the first line created by the company, was recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences with the Science and Engineering Award. More accolades followed and Leitz lenses have gone on to help create a large number of award-winning films, blockbuster series, and commercials worldwide. 


Leitz continues to look toward the future, utilizing a deep passion for image making and a dedication to quality and precision to design and develop new optics and tools to inspire filmmakers and enable them to realize their unique visions.