x men days of future past 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

2014 | Feature Film

DoP Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC

Director Bryan Singer

Leitz lens SUMMILUX-C

Camera Aaton XTR Prod, ARRI ALEXA M, Panavision Nova, Arri Alexa XT, Bolex Camera , Phantom v642 Broadcast

Production Companies Twentieth Century Fox (presents) (as Twentieth Century Fox | Marvel Entertainment | TSG Entertainment | Bad Hat Harry Productions | Donners' | Company | Ingenious Media | Down Productions

Distribution 20th Century Fox | Bandwidth Digital Releasing | Big Picture 2 Films | Filmcompagniet | Geo Films | Hispano Foxfilms S.A.E. | Huaxia Film Distribution | Imperial / Cinepix | InterCom | Odeon | Warner Bros. |

Awards Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 16 wins & 47 nominations.

Country USA

Lens used



Fast, compact, reliable, beautiful in color and excellent in contrast.

Leitz Summilux C 35mm

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