the magicians 2015

The Magicians

2015-2020 | Series

DoP Elie Smolkin | Corey Robson | François Dagenais | Thomas Burstyn | Vanja Cernjul | Adam Bricker | Marvin V. Rush

Director Chris Fisher, James L. Conway, John Scott, Joshua Butler, Shannon Kohli, Meera Menon, Scott Smith, Carol Banker, Guy Norman Bee, Rebecca Johnson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Mike Cahill, Bill Eagles, Jan Eliasberg, Amanda Tapping, Kate Woods, Elie Smolkin, Sterlin Harjo, Tawnia McKiernan, Geeta V. Patel, David Reed

Leitz lens SUMMICRON-C

Camera ARRI ALEXA Mini

Production Companies Groundswell Productions, NBC Universal Television, Universal Cable Productions

Distribution Syfy, Amazon Prime Video, Sixx, Spike, Syfy, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Universal Pictures 

Awards 1 win & 8 nominations.

Equipment Supplier TCS

Country USA | Canada

Lens used


Premium prime lenses designed for larger sensors on film and television productions.

Summicron C 35mm horizontal right

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