the conjuring 2013

The Conjuring

2013 | Feature Film

DoP John R. Leonetti, ASC

Director James Wan

Leitz lens SUMMILUX-C


Production Companies New Line Cinema | The Safran Company (production) | Evergreen Media Group

Distribution 20th Century Fox | Columbia TriStar Warner Filmes de Portugal | InterCom | Interfilm Distribution | Legend Cinemas | Manfer Films | New Line Cinema | Roadshow Films | Shooting Stars | UMN | Village | Warner Bros. | Westec Media Limited | Argentina Video Home | Film1 | HBO Max | Home Box Office (HBO) | KVH Media Group | Village | Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Awards 15 wins & 22 nominations.

Equipment Supplier Otto Nemenz | Los Angeles

Country USA

Lens used


Fast, compact, reliable, beautiful in color and excellent in contrast.

Leitz Summilux C 35mm

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