the conjuring 2013

The Conjuring

2013 | Feature Film

DoP John R. Leonetti, ASC

Director James Wan

Leitz lens SUMMILUX-C


Production Companies New Line Cinema, The Safran Company (production), Evergreen Media Group

Distribution 20th Century Fox, Columbia TriStar Warner Filmes de Portugal, InterCom, Interfilm Distribution, Legend Cinemas, Manfer Films, New Line Cinema, Roadshow Films, Shooting Stars, UMN, Village, Warner Bros., Westec Media Limited, Argentina Video Home, Film1, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), KVH Media Group, Village, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Awards 15 wins & 22 nominations.

Equipment Supplier Otto Nemenz | Los Angeles

Country USA

Lens used


Fast, compact, reliable, beautiful in color and excellent in contrast.

Leitz Summilux C 35mm

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