legacies 2018


2018 | Series

DoP John Smith | Michael Karasick | Rob Givens | Jackson Parrell | Darren Genet

Director Geoffrey Wing Shotz | Angela Barnes Gomes | Michael Karasick | Michael A. Allowitz | Chris Grismer | Darren Grant | Jeffrey G. Hunt | Barbara Brown | Julie Plec | Carol Banker | Mary Lou Belli | Nathan Hope | John Hyams | Brett Matthews | Bola Ogun | Lauren Petzke | Tony Solomons | Paul Wesley | Carl Seaton | America Young

Leitz lens SUMMILUX-C

Production Companies My So-Called Company, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Television

Distribution DiziMax, The CW Network (The CW)

Awards 2 nominations.

Equipment Supplier Keslow Camera | Chicago

Country USA

Lens used


Fast, compact, reliable, beautiful in color and excellent in contrast.

Leitz Summilux C 35mm

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