guns akimbo 2019

Guns Akimbo

2019 | movie

DoP Stefan Ciupek

Director Jason Lei Howden

Leitz lens THALIA

Camera RED Weapon Monstro

Production Companies Altitude Film Entertainment | Four Knights Film | Hyperion Media Group | Ingenious Media | Maze Pictures | Occupant Entertainment | Pump Metal Films | The Electric Shadow Company | Particular Crowd

Distribution Ascot Elite Entertainment Group | Leonine Distribution | Saban Films | ADS Service | Axinite Digicinema | Cascade Film | GV Pictures | Golden Village Pictures | Gusto entertainment | Ukrainian Film Distribution | Cinemundo | Première TV Distribution | Source 1 Media

Country United Kingdom | Germany | New Zealand

Lens used



Crafted to shape great stories. One set of simply exceptional lenses for unlimited scope.

Thalia 35mm horizntal right

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