jiang hu er nue 2018

Ash Is Purest White

2018 | Feature Film

DoP Éric Gautier, AFC

Director Zhangke Jia

Leitz lens SUMMILUX-C

Camera ARRI ALEXA XT , Arriflex 435 , RED Epic Dragon

Production Companies Arte France Cinéma, Beijing Runjin Investment, Enchant Film and Televisione Culture, Fujian Hengye Pictures Co, Huanxi Media Group, Huaxia Film Distribution, Huayi Brothers Pictures, MK2 Productions, Office Kitano, Shanghai Film Group, Shanghai Tao Piao Piao Movie & TV Culture, Up Pictures, Wishart Media, Xstream Pictures

Distribution Ama Films, Bitters End, Cherry Pickers Filmdistributie, Cinema, Golem Distribución, Hakka Distribution, Huayi Brothers Media, Mont Blanc Cinema, Neue Visionen Filmverleih, Ad Vitam Distribution, Cohen Media Group, Filmcoopi Zürich, Midas Filmes, New Wave Films, Remain In Light, good movies!

Awards 24 wins & 54 nominations.

Equipment Supplier KO Film Rentals

Country China | France | Japan

Lens used


Fast, compact, reliable, beautiful in color and excellent in contrast.

Leitz Summilux C 35mm

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