Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the bicycle, you just need to make it easier to ride. The Leitz Legacy lens family applies this ethos to some of the most stunning and coveted still photography lenses ever developed: the Leica M full frame series and the Leica S medium format series. Many cinematographers have dreamt of using these lenses to create moving pictures and now the iconic look of these lenses can be used to tell your stories.

The Leica M lenses sit at the heart of both the HUGO and M 0.8 series. Their intention is not only to preserve the iconic M image characteristics, but also the small size and weight that have made them the choice of selective street photographers for over half a century. The optical elements are hand-selected from Leica’s photography lens production for optimal performance and mechanically modified to fit into a traditional cine camera configuration with minimal adjustment. Their look brings a dynamic bokeh that combines with their center-weighted performance to create a dimensional image that pops off the screen and stands out as being something truly special. The HUGO lenses feature a robust cine-style housing just like other Leitz lenses, while the M 0.8 lenses retain the compact size of the Leica M lenses with the addition of properly pitched gear rings and uniform 80 mm front diameters.

The Leitz THALIA lenses reimagine Leica’s S lenses in a category-leading compact and lightweight cine lens housing indistinguishable from other Leitz lenses while maintaining the enormous 60 mm image circle needed for working on the largest cine formats. These lenses present a fair amount of fall off toward the corners reminiscent of medium format portraiture to create an intimacy that feels natural and special at the same time. They combine flare-friendly coatings with a sensational bokeh to bring life to the big screen.