Character Products

The lenses in the Leitz Character family introduce more of their own look to the image by fashioning imperfections into elegant characteristics. They build off the technology of the Performance series using more economical specifications to offer a slightly more rounded, centered frame where resolution and sometimes illumination falls off gradually in the corners to help guide the audience’s attention and focus. Combined with a soft and smooth focus roll off, these lenses are a tool for controlling perception that can be further accentuated with lighting and framing.


Both lens sets in the Character series offer their own unique mix of minimal distortion, barely perceptible aberrations, and special bokeh that give them a life of their own. The ELSIE lenses closely mimic the bokeh of traditional Leica still lenses while the SUMMICRON-C lenses offer a more classic, traditional cine lens bokeh. Designed to play with light, each of these sets feature their own flare characteristics to give cinematographers more to work with when directing light into the lens.


These lenses are generally smaller and lighter than the Performance lenses in the same format category and cater to a larger range of budgets and projects without compromise.

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