Create the smallest, fastest,
most compelling camera
package possible by using
Leica M 0.8 lenses on the
ARRI Alexa Mini camera.

Images Like No Other

The Leica M 0.8 lenses bring the iconic and character-rich images of the Leica M glass to moving pictures. When combined with the beautiful sensor and compact body of the ARRI Alexa Mini (or Amira) camera, the resulting images offer something not currently available from existing cinema glass.


Unlike most cinema lenses, the Leica M 0.8 lenses are uncorrected for interesting characteristics like field curvature, edge fall off, and flare control. The characteristics of the lenses are much more similar to those of what are often called vintage cinema lenses.


This tiny, compact and incredibly fast camera package creates flexibility in camera use and placement similar to Leica M cameras. When the M 0.8 lenses are combined with the ARRI Alexa Mini’s Dual Gain Architecture sensor, the images take on a depth and dimension that also calls back to the iconic days of Leica rangefinder photography and photojournalists capturing the moment around the world.



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