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Leitz Cine Lens Training Attracts World’s Top Technicians

Leitz Cine Lens Training Attracts World’s Top Technicians

On September 19, 2018, 44 top lens technicians representing 29 companies and 16 different countries arrived at the new Leitz cine lens factory in Wetzlar, Germany to learn more about the family of Leitz cine primes and how best to service and repair them in their own regions.

The two-day training session included Level 1 service, repair, and part replacement on the Summilux-C and Summicron-C lenses, as well as the first official training for working on the new Leitz Thalia line of lenses. The participants were broken out into four groups with two groups focusing on Thalia and two groups focusing on Summilux-C and Summicron-C. On the following day the groups swapped programs.

Ulrich Schröder, Head of Assembly at Leitz and the lead trainer, said, “This was a great experience for me working with all these people from all over the world, and because we are all technicians we all speak the same language. Our guests brought a great knowledge of all the lens in the market as well and in addition to the training we got to share tricks, hints, and lots of good information.”

“Our trainers were super knowledgeable, obviously passionate about the lenses and a joy to learn from!” said Kari Fouts of Koerner Camera, a US-based rental house with offices in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. “The new facility is in an inviting plaza with a beautiful landscape view of the surrounding countryside.  The Leitz factory itself is an open and bright building flooded in natural light.  It’s a state-of-the-art facility that had both the intimacy of a small and personal company and the professional efficiency one expects from Leica/Leitz.”

“The new production facility was very impressive,” said Paul Keating of Pixipixel in the UK. “It’s extremely clean and tidy with lots of room and space to grow. The training itself was enjoyable and felt kind of like a lens design course.”

Tim Hawken of Photosite Optics, a specialist cine repair and service company in the UK, said, “Leitz lenses are key products in our market which, with essential factory support, will be a pleasure to service for their long future in the world of filmmaking.” Tim added, “The cine dedicated Leitz factory reflects the atmosphere of the new Wetzlar site itself: picturing them both it’s clear they’re engineered with no compromises to deliver a top performing product that stands the test of time.”

Technicians from the following companies received official certification to service Leitz cine lenses and join dozens of other that have completed the service training as well:

Keslow Camera Vancouver Canada Han Rental South Korea
Sim Digital Canada Koil South Korea
Transpacam France EPC Spain
Cine Mobil Munich Germany System Grip Spain
Cine Mobil Cologne Germany Ljud & Bildmedia Sweden
Cinegate Germany Cine Toys Thailand
Salon Films Hong Kong CVP UK
Infini Video Hungary Photosite Optics UK
Vocas Netherlands Picture Canning UK
Het Raam Netherlands Pixipixel UK
Imagezone New Zealand Cine Visuals USA
RSVP Film Philippines Keslow Camera Los Angeles USA
Sfera Video Russia Koerner Camera USA
Camwerkz Singapore TCS USA
Dexter South Korea Zero Optik USA
DV Inside South Korea

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