Camerimage Seminar: Optical Design: Art, Science and Magic with Leica’s Peter Karbe

Monday, 13th of November, 03:00 pm, CKK Jordanki Seminar Room, Camerimage

NOVEMBER 13, 2023

Lenses are the paintbrushes that directors of photography use to present stories of all shapes and sizes, to create worlds that can be achingly realistic or fantastically implausible. While they are but one of the many tools at the cinematographer’s disposal, they hold a special place in the heart of all who stand behind the camera.

Peter Karbe has spent over three decades designing optics for Leica Camera, including nearly 20 years as the head of optical design and development. During this time he designed dozens of lenses and oversaw projects ranging from Leica’s S medium format system to smartphone optics, as well as the latest Leica M lenses whose optics are in the Leitz Hugo lenses.

In this presentation Peter Karbe will join Leitz Cine’s Seth Emmons in a conversation to explore where optical design begins, the scientific and artistic factors involved, and how they translate to images on the screen. Bring your questions for what hopes to be a rousing conversation.

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